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Below you will find a list of stories set in the Metamor Keep universe. If you find a story that you really like, please take the time to drop the author a note and pass on your compliments. It means a lot and helps encourage them to do more.

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  1. Metamor Keep, by Copernicus (6,522 words)
  2. For Knowledge's Sake, by Christopher Hughes (1,006 words)
  3. Writer's Guild, by Charles Matthias (1,843 words)
  4. Alone in the Dark, by Dan D'Alimonte (3,092 words)
  5. Storm Watch, by Terry Spafford (5,500 words)
  6. Lightbringer, by Raven Blackmane (1,922 words)
  7. Tail of a Young Wolf, by Wanderer (3,156 words)
  8. A Small Repair, by Chris O'Kane (2,317 words)
  9. Fetish, by Christopher Hughes (3,979 words)
  10. Admissions and Applications, by Charles Matthias (6,319 words)
  11. A Long Patrol, by Chris O'Kane (14,162 words)
  12. A Shoving Match, by Chris O'Kane (4,171 words)
  13. Snips and Snails, by Chris O'Kane (12,602 words)
  14. Rites of Ascendancy, by Raven Blackmane (47,073 words)
  15. Warding the Watchwoods, by Ryx (2,680 words)
  16. Four on the Floor, by Chris O'Kane (2,312 words)
  17. Hunt, by Charles Matthias (10,960 words)
  18. Liturgy of Blood, by Charles Matthias (119,725 words)
  19. Llyn's Tribulations, by Ryx (56,820 words)
  20. A 'taur's Tail, by Stephen Tigner (5,196 words)
  21. Vantage Point, by Joanne Hunter (7,225 words)
  22. The Bonds of Family, by Michael Olson (10,274 words)
  23. Drifting, by Hallan Mirayas (6,574 words)
  24. Never Again a Man, by Charles Matthias (125,392 words)
  25. Dusk, by Michael Olson (10,865 words)