#MKGuild IRC Channel

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What is it?

#MKGuild is an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel dedicated to the Metamor Keep universe. It is a place where authors and others interested in the universe can come and socialize, discuss the stories, plan for the furture, or ask questions. The atmosphere is relaxed and informal and all who are interested in MK are welcome to drop in for a visit.

How do I get there?

The first thing you will need is an IRC client to allow you to connect to the IRC server. Some popular clients are listed here. The channel is located on the TFNet IRC network, which can be found at irc.lapinia.org. Once connected to the network, simply join #MKGuild and say hello! For IRC beginners there is a lot of information about IRC at IRCHelp.org or if you are having problems you can drop Virmir an email and he'll help you out.

Some basic commands

/join #MKGuild
Join the MKGuild channel.
/nick Muffintaur
Change your nickname to Muffintaur.
/me does an action!
Describe yourself doing something in nifty third person fashion. The "/me" part gets replaced by your nickname, and the rest stays the same.
/query Virmir <message here>
Annoy Virmir with your irksome banter in a private chat window.

TFnet also has some fun extra stuff like NickServ and FormBot. Read about them here.


Omega0 was kind enough to provide us with a poem about the #mkguild experience.

Foxtaur reigns with iron grip,
backed by muffins of chocolate chip.
Thaeus searches for justice great,
While keeping archives up to date.
The longest stories come from the ratt,
the one who goes by the name 'Matt.'
Then there's Tigner, who I'll never see,
Cause he starts sleeping at five EST.
Foxworth lurks and rarly speaks,
to get a comment could take weeks.
When stuck on a story see Mystic,
he'll get you posting with a kick.
Omega has too much spare time,
He even got this thing to rhyme.
So come, log on to MkGuild,
Insanity needs will be fulfilled.