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Welcome. You are about to enter a world of magic and powerful civilizations. A world with strange creatures and unexplored lands, dark secrets and deep mysteries. You will encounter terrible foes and devious plots. It is here, in this world, that the forces of good and evil, both seen and unseen, fight for control.

In this troubled world, there stands a mighty fortress in the pass in the mountains that separates the more civilized lands to the south from the wild and untamed Giantdowns in the north. This fortress is the last defense in preventing the hordes of the north from invading the lands to the south. It is called Metamor Keep.

An evil and immensely powerful wizard, bent on gaining control of the lands to the south, united the northern hordes and attempted to invade Metamor Keep. To weaken the fortress's very formidable defenses, this wizard cast three extremely powerful transformation spells on the defenders of the three successive gates that guard the northern entrance into the keep. At the first gate, the defenders were hit with an age regression spell, turning them into infants, in both mind and body. At the second gate, the defenders were afflicted with a transgender spell that not only made them members of the opposite gender, their bodies were over-proportioned and lusted for sex. At the third and final gate, a transformation spell was cast upon the defenders that changed them into the form of a random animal and caused them to lose their human mind. With that, the invading army pressed toward the fortress, taking advantage of the chaos caused by the spells.

The mages of Metamor Keep, working feverishly and pressed for time, were able to counteract the spells, at least, partially. Those who were afflicted with the age regression spell became prepubescent and regained their adult mind. For those enchanted with the transgender spell, though they were not returned to their original gender, their bodies were normalized and not nearly so misshapen, nor were their minds consumed with lust for sex anymore. Lastly, those that were changed into animals were bale to become humanoid in form and regain their human minds. However, to the dismay of the mages, the partial counter curse caused the spells, which collectively became known as the Curse, to become intertwined with the protected magic that guards the valley in which Metamor resides, and thus far has proven to be inextricable and thus permanent. This entanglement in turn caused the curse to affect all of the inhabitants of the valley, and any who stay in the valley for a period of about a week's time.

Despite the shock of the sudden change in form, the Metamorians fought back the invaders heroically and expelled the wizard and his hordes from the valley. After this famous battle of the Three Gates, the Metamorians began to collect the pieces of their former lives and begin anew.

Our stories begin seven years after this battle that changed the face of Metamor and its inhabitants forever.

Once again, Welcome to Metamor Keep.

c/o Patrick