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The Guidelines
The universe bible. Here you will find the basic rules, a historic timeline, and other useful tidbits of information. Anyone considering writing a MK story should read this.
Character Descriptions
Character descriptions of many of the major characters at Metamor Keep.
The Monsters and Creatures of Metamor Keep
A brief description of many of the creatures that inhabit the lands surround the Keep, including the Lutins, Giants and more.
Religion and Gods
A general overview of the Lightbringer and Ecclesia faiths.
Metamor Keep's layout
A map and description of the general layout of Metamor Keep and the surrounding lands. See the Map Section for more maps.
Character Appearances
A list of major characters in the MK universe and which stories they appear in. Note: This page is incomplete, but is being slowly updated.
Artwork inspired by the Metamor Keep universe. Includes characters and maps.