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10 stories by this author.

  1. To Steal a Tome, by Virmir (9,527 words)
  2. First Day, by Virmir (3,437 words)
  3. Open Doors, by Virmir (3,698 words)
  4. To Steal a Soul, by Virmir (24,583 words. Added Sep 23, 2007)
  5. Smiles, by Virmir (6,971 words. Added Oct 19, 2007)
  6. Awareness, by Virmir (1,472 words. Added Nov 16, 2007)
  7. Following, by Virmir (6,512 words. Added Feb 24, 2008)
  8. To Steal a Muffin, by Stealthcat and Virmir (1,348 words. Added Apr 6, 2008)
  9. Three of White and Red, by Virmir (8,127 words. Added Dec 21, 2008)
  10. To Steal a Fox, by Virmir (12,758 words. Added Aug 8, 2010)

This author has written approximately 78,433 words total.
Excluding major collaborations (Winter Assault, Harvest Festival).

9 images involving this author's characters.

Vale and Virmir from "To Steal a Soul"
Virmir with Fireball
Virmir Meets Madog
Blast it!
Virmir, Marginally Annoyed
Flaming Virmir Punch

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