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Raven Blackmane

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14 stories by this author.

  1. Lightbringer, by Raven Blackmane (1,922 words)
  2. Rites of Ascendancy, by Raven Blackmane (47,073 words)
  3. Lessons of Solitude, by Raven Blackmane (1,332 words)
  4. Clearing Away, by Wanderer and Christopher Hughes and Raven Blackmane (1,674 words)
  5. The Winter Assault, by the Winter Assault Writers (355,589 words. Added Jun 20, 2010)
  6. Picking up the Pieces, by Raven Blackmane (10,234 words. Added Dec 30, 2007)
  7. A Cold Day in Hell, by Raven Blackmane (1,338 words)
  8. Misericardia, by Wanderer and Raven Blackmane (4,733 words)
  9. Koinonia, by Raven Blackmane and Wanderer (5,394 words)
  10. A Road into Darkness, by Raven Blackmane (41,330 words)
  11. Signs and Portents, by Raven Blackmane (5,165 words)
  12. Dances, by Raven Blackmane (5,019 words)
  13. In the Absence of Martyrs, by Raven Blackmane (20,012 words. Added Dec 30, 2007)
  14. A Presence of Thieves, by Raven Blackmane (24,016 words. Added Mar 22, 2009)

This author has written approximately 169,242 words total.
Excluding major collaborations (Winter Assault, Harvest Festival).

3 images involving this author's characters.

Raven, the Lightbinger high-priestess
Cart Ride

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