Party of Two

by Christian O'Kane

Alex was well dressed this evening. She was wearing a tunic and pants, both of dark blue wool and was edged with light blue thread. Her long hair was braided with gold and silver ribbons woven in.

Fell had gone all out and the gazelle was well dressed. He wore a doublet of brown silk with a matching pair of pants. He wore no shows but his hooves were well polished and glistened in the light.

Together the two walked the corridors of Metamor Keep headed to a party. They had been invited to one of Misha’s famous parties and they were both looking forward to it.

The Keeps magic took them straight to a large hallway filled with people. Tables filled with food sat in one corner and a small band played softly filling the air with a lively tune.

“Is this Long House?” Fell asked.

The woman shook his head. Her long hair waving back and forth. “No this is a hall outside the entrance to Long house.”

“They seems to be having a good party all their own!” Fell commented as he looked around.

She laughed. “They are having a good time.”

The entrance to Long House was easy to find from the long line of people standing in line. The couple made it’s way to the end of the line and waited patiently for their turn to enter.

Fell handed both of their invitations to the guard at the door and the young woman looked at it carefully for a moment before smiling and handing it back. “Welcome to the party.”

They stepped through the door and into a dark, closet sized space. They were drawn through quickly through the space by the sounds and smells coming from the door opposite them. They stepped out of the darkness and into a large hall. The walls were decorated with tapestries in bold colors. The entire hall was light by globes that hung from the ceiling casting a bright but soft light over everything. One side of the hall was filled with countless tables and chairs The other side was left open of furniture and was simply open floor. Both areas were filled with countless people of all sorts who were chatting, eating and even dancing. In one corner a band was playing and soft music could be heard over the murmur of the crowd.

“Is everyone in the Keep here?” she asked looking around at the crowd.

He shook his head. “The rest of the Keep must be empty as they’re all here!” Fell joked.

“Misha certainly does know how to throw a party!”

A young girl wearing a fine blue and white dress walked up to them and held out large silver platter. “A pastry?” she asked and extended the platter which was filled with small pastries covered with cream.

Alex took one carefully trying to avoid getting too much of the whipped cream onto her fingers. “Thank you.” She ate the pastry in two bits, enjoying the sugary treat immensely.

Fell tried to relax. He had been nervous since he had first asked Alex to the party. He had spent hours picking and choosing what he would wear. Then he had stood in front of Alex’s door for a long time before working up the nerve to knock. Thankfully she had been as warm and friendly as always. Making it easier. Being nervous was not going to help anything. This was his friend he was with not some stranger. His nervousness vanished. He was going to enjoy this evening and do everything!

He bowed gracefully to Alex and extended his right hand. “My lady. May I have this dance?” he asked.

She smiled and took his hand as she stood up. “Why thank you.”

It was snowing by the time they stepped into the night air. It had been snowing on and off since November but now on the eve of the Yule tide celebration it was snowing harder then ever. Big, fat snow flakes were coming down at a fast pace turning the world white and quiet. All sounds were muffled by the snow and visibility was reduced to a few feet. Figures would appear suddenly out of the snowy fog, pass them and disappear back into the white without a sound. This left the couple alone to themselves on a path filled with people. They had not intended to go outside but Kyia it seems had decided they should. They didn’t seem to mind and huddled close together and walked quickly along.

A wall with a door loomed up suddenly in front of them. Alex opened the door and the two stepped inside. They stood there for a moment shaking off the snow and removing their coats and gloves.

Slowly they made their way down the hall grateful for the warmth after the cold. “It was a great party.” Fell said.

“It was even better then all the stories I’ve heard about it,” he commented as they walked. “No wonder they’re so famous!”

Alex stopped in front of the door to her apartment. “Thank you I had a wonderful evening.” She wrapped her arms around Fell and kissed him gently. The warmth of her lips sank into his cheek even through his fur. Slowly Alex pulled away leaving Fells cheek tingling.